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A film about being at home, that has nothing to do with a location: being at home with others, being at home in the world, being at home in theatre. In “HOME IS NOT A PLACE” Pavel Schnabel accompanies the artists of the Frankfurt street theatre antagon during a thrilling and tension-filled season.


Actors and dancers from all over the world come together and over time either find a home or don’t. Some lose heart, others their nerves. Always together, never alone and always subjected to criticism. Some fit in and grow; but one can also completely lose one’s way amongst people…


People full of ideas and fantasy meet here. People who are inspired and driven by the joy of theatre. In the beginning Madá, Anna, Nazli and the others improvise, laugh and experiment. Over time they subordinate their creativity to the pieces they rehearse. In the end everything must function to within a split second. Every movement and every hand grip has to be exact. Because they are dizzying, breakneck scenes that antagon Theatre performs. Huge stilts, monstrous suspension devices, costumes made from dreams, fire and driving rhythms: all coalescing with incredible perfection into a show that takes one’s breath away. antagon generates dizziness.


Pavel Schnabel traces the hopes, visions and goals of the artists. Their conflicts with the others and themselves. And their passion for theatre! He follows the group in their wagon camp in East Frankfurt, a place where every day countless trains race by. A place seemingly forgotten, that blossoms with life in spring. Living, dancing and performing in well-organised chaos. One’s own wagon is the only haven the artist has. Aside from that it is always about finding one’s place. In the group, on the stage, in life.


How does the close cohabitation and collaboration affect Madá, Anna, Nazli and the others? How do they manage to stay the person they are, and yet be different? How do they manage to be at home in the permanent hustle and bustle?



These People Want to Live Theatre!

They love the real, raw, arduous theatre life. The group see themselves as a necessity, the only possible social environment. Only here can they actively live out their dreams, wishes, ambitions, knowledge and even existentially perceived physical notions. With all the ambivalence it brings with it: the natural urge for movement and absolute body control, tension and exhaustion, independence and subordination, individuality and group pressure.


The group is thrown together from people with different stories and walks of life, actors, musicians and technicians from all over the world: Finland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Romania and Germany.


Pavel Schnabel – Portrait

Pavel Schnabel

Director, Camera, Producer
Janine Dauterich – Portrait

Janine Dauterich

Jakob Rullhusen – Portrait

Jakob Rullhusen


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