The Protagonists


is from Helsinki, her parents from the former Soviet Union. Anna completed her education as a dancer in Helsinki, as well as studying contemporary dance in London. She loves acrobatics: situations and moments where she can “feel the adrenalin in her blood”. She is not interested in the normal theatre world: “competition that dominates the commercialised world of art, hinders that art and kills any kind of creativity”. That her own individuality sometimes has to take a back-seat in a group like antagon is not always easy for her.


has shaped the collective “atagon theaterAKTion” since its founding in 1990. He is the artistic director and director of the antagon pieces. As early as the seventies he found his calling. While working with Teatro Nucleo in Italy he found his first paragons and then developed his own aesthetic. His vision, which he champions in the face of an all encompassing consumer society, is a free theatre that lives together as a collective and presents social-political relevant pieces and actions to a wide audience.


is from Poland, living for the last few years in France and briefly in Brazil. She studied acting in Paris. Madá is not always convinced if antagon really is the right place for her, or if she can completely relate to the work methods here. Yet when she quotes Baudelaire together with Viktor, she is in her element.


is on the way to finish High School, and is originally longing to act in a classical theatre.

Her father is happy, that his daughter can now realize her acting ambitions with antagon. Nazli embraces her new life with enthusiasm. In the theatre collective she is the youngest member, therefore she chooses the most modest caravan on the Frankfurter industrial estate as her domicile.